Eagle Fire Station

Architect: TAB Associates, Inc.
Location: Eagle, CO
Building Area: 3,500 SF
Status: Completed 2003

Project Description:

This project consisted of an addition to and a renovation of the existing Eagle Fire Station. Mechanically, air conditioning was installed throughout and gas furnace heating was utilized on the upper level and fan coil heating served by a new boiler was used on the lower level. Ventilation was provided by direct outside air ducting to the air handlers return ductwork with associated exhaust
fans and/or relief ventilators for air balance. To ensure comfortable conditions during the winter months, the fan coils have modulating 3-way heating water valves to regulate the supply air temperature to the spaces. On the lower level, more outside air was provided than exhaust air to keep the office areas under a positive pressure relative to the fire truck garage bays to ensure good indoor air quality and life safety.

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