Pines Lodge — Beaver Creek, CO

Client: Tolin Mechanical
Location: Beaver Creek, CO
Building Area: 76,000 SF
Status: Completed / Future

Project Description:

This hotel / condominium building consists of 60 hotel rooms, 12 condominiums, a restaurant, kitchen, bar, exercise room, conference room, offices and lobby area. The goal of this project was to retrofit the entire building with air conditioning. Rader Engineering was able to meet this goal by using a Mitsubishi CityMulti Variable Refrigerant Volume system. The system is also used as the first stage of heat, causing the older, less efficient heating system to run only during very cold outdoor temperatures. The installation of the mechanical system for everything except for the condominiums was completed in December of 2008 and consisted of 79 indoor fan coils and 6 outdoor heat pumps. Installation for the condominium units has not been started but is planned for the future.

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